Girls Night In is boycotting nightclubs next week

Activist groups nationwide took to Instagram to organise a national boycott of clubs on October 27. The movement comes after the recent surge of women, mostly students, being spiked through their drinks and via injection on nights out.

Multiple young women took to Twitter to share their experience of being spiked while out with their friends, in an effort to warn other individuals.

19-year-old Zara Owen was spiked by a needle whilst out with friends in a nightclub, Nottingham’s Pryzm, on October 11. After waking up with “almost zero recollection of that night” and examining a painful spot in her leg, Owen “found a pin prick” and realised she’d been spiked.

Another girl was spiked via injection at Rock City, Nottingham on October 15. Her attacker used numbing cream to ensure that she wouldn’t feel the prick of the needle.

In response, individuals took to Instagram to create several Girls Night In groups for different cities around the UK. The accounts are used to spread information of the Girls Night In movement – a campaign to end and spread awareness of the spiking of women.

The movement has organised a national boycott of clubs to bring awareness to the issue. Girls Night In Nottingham says it has done so to “ensure the spiking outbreak is taken seriously by clubs and bars”.

So what can you do to help? Join the movement and boycott clubs next week nationwide on October 27, in Exeter on October 25, and Durham, Liverpool and Leicester on October 26.

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