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Samantha Ravndahl launches Auric Cosmetics

Beauty influencer and YouTube star reveals glittering new make up range

Canadian beauty influencer, Samantha Ravndahl, has joined the make-up market with her new brand, Auric Cosmetics. 

The YouTube makeup artist, who has captured the attention of over one million followers, is redefining the future of what modern luxury products should look like. And she is refusing to compromise. 

“We believe that inclusivity goes beyond what you look like. It’s about everything that we all are as people; it’s about our life experiences, our beliefs, our creativity, our ideas and how we express ourselves. For us inclusivity, is about welcoming all of that with open arms. Nothing is as valuable if you don’t have somebody to share it with; nothing is as interesting or inspiring if it’s only from one person’s perspective,” Ravndahl explained in her Youtube announcement video. “Our definition for Auric is ‘golden together’. We create value when we value people first.”

The brand Auric Cosmetics became available on January 26 and launched with two products: Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer, for those lusting after more luminous skin, and the Smoke Reflect Eye Shadow Duos, described as a head turning “smoke show in a jar”. 

With artistry at the forefront of its development, Auric Cosmetics may be the pot of gold at the end of the oversaturated make-up influencer rainbow.

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