Happy birthday, Deptford Northern Soul Club

It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and head to the birthday bash that’s keeping the faith alive this year

One of London’s most celebrated nights out is turning seven this month. Deptford Northern Soul Club has been hosting explosively joyous nights in London and beyond since 2016.

Through all the turbulent times of the last few years, DNSC is still feeding our hunger for soul classics deep into the night, with hours of boogieing and a guaranteed hangover come morning.

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Run by DJ duo Will Foot and Lewis Henderson, seven years of spinning records calls for a decent reason to let your hair down. On November 24, the outfit is set to throw an honorary birthday bash at East London’s beloved Moth Club. It is sure to be a night of heady Northern Soul classics that all music lovers will revel in, proving that the culture is well and truly still alive.

“Music is a brilliant catalyst to bring people together. And through that togetherness, we can build something collectively. And maybe that’s the point; that what matters resides in relationships rather than material things,” the duo tells us.

“We started seven years ago in Bunker Club, a subterranean club in Deptford. What has kept us going for the best part of a decade has been the passion and desire coming from the audience. So we’d like to dedicate all our love and admiration towards the crowd. Long live the ecstatic togetherness of British club music. Long live Northern Soul. Long live us, together, dancing.”

Even if you’re not well-versed in Northern Soul lore, Deptford Northern Soul Club nights never fail to serve an effervescent evening jam-packed with glorious soul, funk, and a smattering of disco.

So, get your Fred Perry out and be ready to dance your heart out under Moth Club’s glittering ceiling from 9pm until the early hours. The last few golden tickets are available on Dice, so act fast—see you next Friday!

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