The real life Martha from Baby Reindeer racks up the views  

Now, the internet has begun stalking her

The internet has gone wild for Fiona Harvey, a.k.a. Martha from Baby Reindeer. Shortly after the series was exclusively released on Netflix, it immediately moved into the top ten and has been sitting at number four for the past three weeks. For anyone who has not watched it, the episodes are based on the real-life story of Richard Gadd, who plays himself in the series. The story follows Gadd and his encounters with Martha, a much older woman who later on becomes his stalker.

Fiona Harvey’s infamous Facebook page has become a digital hotspot, attracting thousands of daily likes. Harvey posts several times a day, mostly about her newfound fame and alleged lawsuit against Gadd. Her first posts about Gadd date back to 2007, which we also witness in the series. She most recently made an appearance on TV show Piers Morgan Uncensored, where she denied all allegations. 

An online army of TikTok users are now religiously posting her every move while constantly exposing other similar allegations against her, some of these videos have been viewed more than 5.6 million times and are continuing to gather more attention every minute. Her growing fame has split the online community into two; most viewers believe that Harvey should not have such a large platform and should be receiving help for her current mental health, while the other half finds her absolutely hilarious. 

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