Love Island swaps fast fashion sponsor for eBay

Since it first hit our screens in 2015, Love Island has been sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the UK, including fast fashion giants Missguided and I Saw It First. This year, however, the show is taking a u-turn on these sponsorships, instead going with reselling site eBay.

Executive producer Mike Spencer said: “As a show we strive to be a more eco-friendly production with more focus on ways in which we can visibly show this on screen.” It’s a move that has been praised by Love Island rookies and fans alike, as ex-islander and now sustainable fashion activist Brett Staniland said on Instagram: “Fast fashion has such an intertwined relationship with the show. Their sponsorship is huge and it pummels viewers with ads, both during the show and in the breaks and then delivers the brands with a new crop of multi-million-followed influencers every season […] I hope now we can use this to decrease the stigma around wearing second-hand clothes and rewearing outfits.”

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Kate Bennett, writer for vintage inspired magazine Swing London, fashion student and self-proclaimed charity shopping master, said about the change: “One of the reasons I didn’t watch Love Island a lot before was because of the fashion, I thought it all looked really bad quality and everyone was basically wearing the same thing. With eBay now sponsoring the show there will be much more variety of clothing. It will also promote second-hand fashion, and reduce the amount of clothing bought on fast fashion sites.”

Viewers will be able to browse similar looks to those they have seen the Islanders wearing through a curated page on eBay’s site.


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