Marylin Monroe’s death: the dark truth

As we approach the 60th anniversary of the death of Hollywood’s iconic blonde sex symbol, Marylin Monroe in August, Netflix has released The Mystery of Marylin Monroe: The Unheard tapes. The documentary focuses on the blonde bombshell’s death in 1962.

Audiences are expecting  the nitty-gritty of her life to be unveiled in the film. Directed by Emma Cooper – known for previous documentaries such as Epstein’s Shadow: Giselle Maxwell (2021) and The Disappearance of Madeline McCann (2019).

Monroe is already in the news this week, as Kim Kardashian paid homage to her at the Met Gala by wearing the iconic Happy Birthday, Mr President dress.

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Netflix feeds the urge of those who want to know more about Marylin Monroe’s death. This documentary uses new material, discussing the conspiracies and controversies surrounding her death since 1962. Although nothing is confirmed, it gives one of Hollywood’s greatest icons the true crime story treatment. The documentary provides interview recordings from 1992 on Monroe’s apparent suicide. As well as revelations about Monroe’s life, such as her incestuous revenge fantasies about her unknown biological father. 

The film has been described by entertainment journalist Rama Screen as a “fascinating documentary overall” that allowed us to “know Marilyn better as she was such a tragic character”.  He said that by the end of the documentary he “felt deep sorrow for Marylin… but my god they go into details from her rough upbringing and her inability of finding that one true love”.

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Much like a lot of Netflix documentaries, the documentary turns a tragic death story into a speculated soap opera – a Hollywood star gets a Hollywood send-off. Refreshingly, it includes interviews from the star herself about her life and her love for movies from her childhood and voices testimonies to the icon. 

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