Molly-Mae Hague faces backlash over recent comments

Love Island finalist Molly-Mae Hague has recently come under fire after a podcast resurfaced in which she shared her views on wealth and background.

The creative director of fashion brand Pretty Little Thing stated on The Diary of a CEO podcast that: “We all have the same 24 hours as Beyonce,” adding “I have worked my absolute arse off to get to where I am now.”

The reality star is no stranger to controversy, and after another video resurfaced of her shock at being expected to work a 12-hour shift in one of Pretty Little Thing’s infamous garment factories, the internet was quick to respond.

Her comments sparked online debates on everything from fast fashion to classist beliefs upheld within celebrity culture. Her comments were deemed ‘insensitive’ and ‘tone deaf’ across the internet, as critics referred to recent statistics from her affiliated brand Pretty Little Thing.

With Black Friday sales knocking up to 99% off original pricing, many reflected on the treatment of workers in Pretty Little Thing’s Leicester factories. During the pandemic, The Sunday Times unearthed the truth about their unsafe working conditions and minimal pay, as well as the many ways in which workers were being taken advantage of.

Molly-Mae Hague’s comments regarding background and opportunity also prompted people to look into the reality star’s own background. They were quick to notice her seemingly wealthy background as well as her rise to fame through ITV’s Love Island.

Debates arose across the internet on the realities and differences of success within privileged and working-class backgrounds, with celebrities and activists weighing in on their own experiences


She was criticised for promoting “girl-boss feminism”, an internet term referring to women who use their positions of power for financial gain under the guise of equity and feminism.

Despite her controversies, Molly-Mae Hague has since issued an online apology to her followers, apologising to anyone who may have been “affected negatively” by her words.

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