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Nike just does it again

Sportswear giant Nike has held its title of the world's most valuable apparel brand

Nike has taken the top spot for the world’s most valuable apparel brand, acccording to Brand Finance, being valued at US$32 billion. Swedish fashion house H&M comes in at a close second, valued at US$19 billion.

Brand Finance take into account sales, market share, global reputation, marketing investment and employee satisfaction when ranking the world’s most valuable apparel brands.

The other brands in the top five for 2017 are Zara (US$14.4 billion) pushing Louis Vuitton (US$13 billion) off the number three spot, and Adidas at number five (US$10 billion).

Nike has managed to retain the number one sport with a 13% rise in brand value and coming up trumps as the most influential and powerful brand in the sportswear sector.

A combination of stores around the world and a constant stream of new and innovate products, Nike delivers to a range of different demographics and consumer needs, Brand Finance says.

Last year the brand realised the highly-anticipated self-lacing Hyper Adapt sneakers – which became popular in the sci-fi movie Back to the Future, as well as announcing a plus size work out clothing line.

On top of this, this year, Nike opened women-only stores and has introduced a high performance hijab for Muslim athletes.

Alongside its tangible products, Nike sets itself apart from the sportswear and the fashion markets by delivering powerful messages and demonstrating the same fairness and respect on and off the court for all its players, Brand Finance says.

It doesn’t look like Nike has any plans of slowing down, so watch this space.

Top 10 most valuable apparel brands 2017:

  1. Nike — $32 billion
  2. H&M — $19 billion
  3. Zara — $14.4 billion
  4. Louis Vuitton — $13 billion
  5. Adidas — $10 billion
  6. Uniqlo — $9.6 billion
  7. Hermes — $8.3 billion
  8. Rolex — $7 billion
  9. Gucci — $6.8 billion
  10. Cartier — $6.7 billion

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