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OddMuse delights fans with summer pop-up

Shift went to Covent Garden to check out the online retailer's temporary store

Online fashion retailer OddMuse has surprised its fans by returning to London for a summer pop-up after temporarily closing its flagship store. The brand has decided to treat its loyal customers with the store, which opened on Sunday, May 21.

OddMuse stated on a recent TikTok that “over 200 customers waited in line” for a chance to experience the pop-up to view its newest collection which is conveniently located just a three-minute walk from Covent Garden station.

Its recent collection, Resort, involves neutral colours and sexy silhouettes aiming to cater for any customer preferences just in time for summer. Within the pop-up, OddMuse includes the new collection and some customer favourites. Yes…this does include the iconic Pearl mini dress which is perfect for a classy brunch with friends.

The pop-up’s interior boasts a neutral ambiance, showcasing the brand’s signature pieces, from chic denim co-ords to figure-hugging jumpsuits. The addition of rosy pink accents further enhances the feminine empowerment that OddMuse embodies.


Beth Sparke, a 22-year-old shop assistant at the pop-up tells Shift that its “resort collection has been the most popular”. Enthusiastic customers have been drawn to the collection’s glamorous appeal. It comes as no surprise that influencers like Lyds Butler and Jasmin Green have been spotted sporting pieces from OddMuse’s new collection. These influencers recently attended an exclusive OddMuse event, celebrating the launch of the Resort collection, further igniting excitement and desire among fashion-forward individuals. Sparke even hinted at the possibility of extending the pop-up shop beyond its original end date of July 20.

On its website, OddMuse proudly describes its offerings as “timeless” pieces, a claim that is hard to dispute. Its unique designs have caught the attention of fast-fashion brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Shein, who have also introduced similar pieces that reflect OddMuse’s distinctive style.

Founder Aimee Smale has has been vocal about this issue on TikTok, using the platform to address the imitations. The brand, which was started in 2020 from Smale’s bedroom, takes pride in empowering women as well as elevating the importance of versatility. Portraits of Smale are displayed throughout the pop-up store, serving as a constant reminder of the brand’s origins and vision.

With over 118k Instagram followers and over 167k on TikTok, OddMuse are on top of keeping its feminine and elegant aesthetic across their platforms as well as hopping on any trends that the platforms have to offer. Its platforms are flooded with consumers asking ‘When will this be restocked?’ or ‘Will there be new releases?’

For fashion enthusiasts strolling through Covent Garden in search of the perfect outfit to kick-start their summer, a visit to OddMuse is an absolute must.

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