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On a luxury high

Beboe – the chicest way to get you flying

The luxury market never seems to stop expanding, whether it’s charging £500 for a Vetements hoodie or £2000 for a Gucci bag, designers seem to be interpreting luxury in a variety of ways.

The newest luxury on the market is Beboe, a brand completely focused on making cannabis in the classiest way you’ve ever seen it. Tastefully THC-infused mints in cute rose gold tins to oh-so-pretty vaporisers. Who’s the brains behind the brand you might ask? Clement Kwan, the former president of e-commerce giant Yoox, alongside tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

Kwan explains that the aim of the brand is to attract more sophisticated consumers. “It’s really bringing a level of sophistication and fluidity to this industry”, Kwan tells Business of Fashion.

Beboe isn’t the first luxury cannabis brand on the market. There are other companies such as The AuBox and Club M that offer monthly subscriptions (starting at around £100 a month) and the boxes come filled with anything from edibles, to cannabis-infused coffee and body butter.

With more American states legalising cannabis, it perhaps comes as no surprise that the luxury market is seizing the opportunity. Designers haven’t really shied away from their stand on cannabis in the past, as we’ve already seen anything from gold plated weed grinders to exquisite marijuana embroidered motifs.

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