Record Store Day: exclusive vinyls sell out

Fan queues and event-led marketing helped over 260 independent record stores to capitalise on the 2023 edition of Record Store Day. The annual event, conceived to drive a spike in vinyl music, proved a fillip to indie stores with fans queueing overnight to grab exclusive records and meet favourite artists.

Special vinyl releases made  for the event were sold to mark the occasion. Chief among these were exclusive editions by The 1975 and Taylor Swift, whose exclusive double LP Folklore, sold out over 75,000 copies.

Record Store Day has an outstanding track record – pun intended – of bringing an old school feel to shopping for your favourite artists work.

Rough Trade West in Notting Hill hosted a festival worthy line-up performing throughout the day. Fans of Caitlin Rose, Oracle Sisters and even Master Peace clogged the streets, waiting for their favourite artists to perform an exclusive set.

Sales associate Rachel Still said: “It’s an annual event and it is our first year  since Covid that we have had live bands, and it’s been really really busy. It’s a global event that’s great to be a part of.”

The 1975 released a Live with the Philharmonic Orchestra LP as well as accompanying CDs and vinyl.  Frontman Matty Healy, who is an ambassador for the event, told Record Store Day UK: “We are really proud to be ambassadors, record stores are the lifeblood of the music industry and have played a crucial role in our story so far, it couldn’t be more important to support their vital community and culture.”

The band are no strangers to record store culture often encouraging their fans to tap into the tactility of vinyl for a humble approach to new music.

Conceived in 2007, the event is now in its sixteenth year of celebrating the people who make up the world of record stores. It’s safe to say that Record Store Day 2023 was a huge hit, and we look forward to what the next one brings.

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