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Selfridges introduces fashion rental scheme

The store has partnered with rental service Hurr

In the midst of trying to become more sustainable, high end department store Selfridges has now introduced a rental service where you can loan out designer items. Only available to do so within the UK, you are able to rent for four, eight, ten or 20 days and the rental collection includes over 40 brands as well as 100 exclusive pieces. Selfridges has collaborated the with rental service Hurr in order to complement the departments store’s new sustainability initiative Project Earth.

The service was available earlier this year as a pop-up concession within the store, due to its success, the store had made renting designer clothing permanent. Brands included within the sharing system are Bottega Veneta, A Bathing Ape, Fendi and Jacquemus, just to name a few. There are orders in place if customers start to abuse the system, this being a charge of £25 per day if you do not return your items on the selected days. To avoid any Coronavirus concerns, the rental scheme includes a professional laundering process which eliminates all bacteria from the clothing, fresh and ready for the next customer.

Victoria Prew, Founder of Hurr, said: “Selfridges for us has just always been one step ahead of the curve in terms of new trends – renting being one of them. Sustainability has been at the forefront of Selfridges’ focus from the very beginning and for us that’s really important as a company with sustainability at its core!”

The fashion industry is continuously pushing to become more sustainable and depart from the world of fast fashion, Selfridges and Hurr’s partnership is a way to push forward in the world of designer. It also allows people to access designer garments without having to reach deep into their pockets and put themselves out financially. For an ordinary person, it allows for a taste of their true desired style.

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