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Club Brat release new single

Former Gogglebox star Ike McCormick talks about his new band

Former Gogglebox star Ike McCormick has just released the first single for his new band Club Brat, as well as playing their first gig and launching a collection of merchandise.

The loud punk four-piece started back in 2018 under the name Petrol Boys with the idea of conveying their stories and poems in traditional punk style. The success of the old band was clear as it competed in college level battles to selling out venues across the country. But then the pandemic hit and with members spread out across the country in their respective isolating bubbles the band split up in 2021.

Two of the original band members Ike and Joe Smith relaunched as Club Brat earlier this year. Front man Ike says that: “Club Brat focuses on the same energy as Petrol Boys, approaching subjects and music with further emotional and intellectual maturity.”


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Club Brat’s new identity has formed with additional band members such as Nikola on drums and Brad Stringer behind the decks. Already they’re selling high quality merch. Along with this they played their first set at Live and Louder in Peterborough on May 19.

Brad says the band believes in: “Lifestyle, music, philosophy and politics, Club Brat focuses on the publication of unwillingness to follow the current-day facade.” The sound fuses knowledge of punk, and noise-pop along with drum and bass. Club Brat declare themselves to be purveyors of Nuisance Pop.

The gig saw exclusive song releases including covers and original pieces along with their fresh and newly designed merch. Download Nuisance by following the link below and watch out for the next gig.




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