Shift’s biggest Spotify Wrapped icks 

Red flags galore as the streaming platform unveils our listening habits

If you’ve been on any social media platforms in the last week you’ve definitely seen vibrant screens dotted with album covers and the faces of our favourite artists this can only mean one thing – Spotify Wrapped is back.

For the last seven years Spotify has been feeding our individuality complexes and has guaranteed a constant stream of self indulgent Instagram stories. While some people are so pleased with their Spotify Wrapped that they would probably print it on a t-shirt, others decide to keep it away from the eyes of social media, whether it’s out of embarrassment or to look as mysterious as possible. 

Spotify wrapped of course leaves plenty of  room for judgement, from low-listening minutes to Taylor Swift it’s no secret that we’re a picky bunch. 

Here are Shift’s top tunes and biggest icks: 

Aidan Hall says: “My top artist was Lana Del Ray, biggest spotify wrapped ick would probably be Drake.” 

Mimi Francis says: “My most played artist this year was Orion Sun and to be honest my biggest Spotify wrapped ick would have to be Chase and Status.”

Tony Moniva racked up 102,988 minutes of listening this year with his top artist being Drake.

Controversially a number of our Shift contributors’ biggest icks is Taylor Swift. Maybe she’s too mainstream, but whatever it is, you might want to leave that out of the conversation when sharing your top artists with our writers.

A number of them also expressed that their biggest ick would be not having enough listening minutes – like what are you doing with your life? Everyone loves music.

Ultimately it’s clear to see that Shift are fussy with our music, but at least we know what we like.

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