Sloe Vintage launches artist residency programme

Photographer Che Deedigan exhibits his series Talisman

A mob of well-dressed twenty-somethings gathered outside Sloe Vintage earlier this month to see an exhibition by photographer Che Deedigan. Instead of browsing through one-of-a-kind fashion and lifestyle pieces, the punters became patrons at the Brixton-based store’s first artist residency programme.

“We just want to give young artists a place to exhibit. I think community is especially important for artists because people need to encourage each other instead of competing with each other,” said shop owner Kitty Wilson-Smith.

The support from Deedigan’s peers was both warming and evident as multiple attendees came to congratulate the photographer throughout his brief interview with Shift.

“Biblically, talismans are objects that guide and help you and I was thinking about how people were like that as a metaphor,” said Deedigan, who combined these concepts by pairing the models with various niche musical instruments and sports equipment.

The images featured in this show are all set in an Airbnb as Deedigan wanted to draw on the aesthetics of post-Thatcherism. They illustrate the familiar feeling of regression one experiences on entering adulthood, where objects are transformed from talismans to tangible representations of arrested development within young people.

The London-based CSM student explained that it took some convincing from friend and collaborator Poppy Whitehorn to book the Airbnb for the shoot “I luckily got a job filming this corporate shit afterwards that paid for it all, but I didn’t know that was gonna happen. I thought: ‘everything happens for a reason’ and that all relates back into it the esoteric nature of the synchronicity of Talisman. For me it was a full circle moment.”

Prints from Che Deedigan’s photography series Talisman are available to purchase until May 30 from Sloe Vintage, Unit 38, Brixton Village, SW9 8PR.

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