Snow Boots in the UK? Yes please

Boots are, of course, a staple for the colder months. However, it seems the winter apparel is taking a more fashionable turn as styles meant for more extreme climates are now being worn everyday as chunky snow boots leave their hefty footprints on our style radars. 

Moon Boot, a brand best known for its apres ski wear, is leading the way and has been spotted more on influencers, fashion lovers and on our social media feeds as its snow boots become the it shoe this season.

Here at _shift we took it upon ourselves to see what the hype is all about.

Politics student Iman Nasradin states, “Snow boots look alright, I just wouldn’t wear them because of the size.” Understandable as they are on the very big and bulky in comparison to other footwear and we don’t normally mind a chunky boot. An opposing view on the Moon Boot was made by retail assistant Behnam Zeabadi as he mentions that he thinks, “They’re just not needed in England, it’s cold but never that cold.”

Snow boots are yet to touch the high street so it seems if one wanted a pair they’d have to go through the designer route for now.

Here are some of our favourites: 

For those wanting to be bold, Moon Boot offers these shell and faux leather snow boots in a vibrant red.

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These are for those of us who have a bit more to spend in sporting the brand. Chloe offers these snow boots in a gorgeous tan colour.

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Lastly, for the true all year round triple black wearers, Bogner presents a leather trimmed version of the snow boot.

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All are available to shop here

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