The Soulful Wellness Fair set to launch in London

Head to Covent Garden on June 8

Certified wellness coach Patience Modevi – the founder of Otentikcare – is set to debut The Soulful Wellness Fair on June 8. 

The fair will take place in the Swiss Church London, which is located near the heart of Covent Garden, and close to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

Modevi said: “I wanted to launch this event for the people who want to take purposeful action into looking after their health and wellbeing. So you can live your life and not wait until something happens to start looking after yourself.”

Modevi outlined the core premises of the fair, which are certain to accommodate students in need of well-deserved me time.

Indeed, the fair is well timed to offer a fillip to stressed students. A report published by the House of Commons on May 30 2023, shows that the number of students reporting mental health conditions is seven times higher than a decade ago. 

“For students, there’s worry and stress, there’s exams, the question of am I going to succeed? If I don’t succeed what happens, and all the people that count on me.” Modevi empathised with the quiet struggles students experience day to day.

LCF student Megan Wordley said: “Balancing studies alongside life and money brings a lot of stress. ” 

The fair features stalls including crystal clad jewellery, enriched vegan soaps and hair care – all of which are eco-consciously sourced, according to Modevi.

An aura centring yoga class is set to kick the day off right, followed by an insightful EFT tapping session – designed to relieve stress – which visitors will be able reflect on in journals, that are gifted in their visitor goodie bags.

A two-part panel, including a Q&A alongside a discussion regarding holistic practices will conclude the day.

All the while a serene safe space will be held in the privacy of the second floor for individuals hoping to further understand their deepest anxieties and master their true best selves.

Purchase your tickets here, don’t forget to apply the student discount code PC5FP17, which reduces the price of entry from £60 to £38. 

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