Topicals heads to Sephora

Inclusive skincare brand joins retailer’s UK stores

Groundbreaking US skincare brand Topicals has launched in the UK for the first time at Sephora. Available at the beauty retailer’s stores across the country and online, the Black-owned brand specialises in products catered to chronic skin conditions.

Since the start of April, the retailer has opened its doors to the brand with customers queuing outside Sephora’s Westfield Stratford branch ahead the launch.

Founded in 2020 Topicals has risen in popularity due to its revolutionary products destined to help those with skin flaws and ongoing issues. One of its best selling products, the Faded Eye Mask, has become a viral beauty trend in its own right, with influencers choosing to wear the colourful under-eye patches as an accessory.

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Founder and CEO, Nigerian-American Olamide Olowe, wanted to transform the way we view our skin as well as helping with mental health advocacy.

Defying the age-old beauty industry ideal of striving for the ‘perfect skin’, Topicals uses innovative technologies that prioritise making effective treatments for those who suffer with skin conditions.


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“The UK does not have great options for concern-focused skincare products,” said Alicia Lartey, a social media influencer and esthetician. “Topicals was one of the first brands to really create complete formulas that address skin concerns using multiple key ingredients such as azelaic acid, kojic acid, niacinamide and centella asiatica. I have truly never seen the skincare community across the globe obsess over a brand the way people did with Topicals.”

Lartey hopes the impact of Topicals arrival in the UK will lead similar brands flooding the market. “Topicals is a Black-owned company that has not been acquired by a conglomerate yet, that has been able to scale to the point that they are present in multiple key global regions within mega beauty stores,” she says. “Seeing a brand like Topicals work from the ground up to achieve this goal leaves so much space for other brand owners, particularly Black women to get their foot in the door.”

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Topicals’ growing product range caters to a variety of skin types, designed specifically to target issues faced predominately in Black and Brown skin, such as hyperpigmentation.

“There is a home for everyone at Topicals and no one is underrepresented. Taboo subjects have now become skincare talking points. As an esthetician, it makes my life so much easier if I can recommend great at-home products to continue skin improvement.”

You can head to Sephora in-store in Westfield Stratford or online to see the latest products at

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