Cate Blanchett’s Cannes dress causes political stir

Commentators ask whether the A-lister’s outfit was about politics or fashion

For many the Cannes Film Festival is an extravagant event for film stars, directors and celebrities to compete to be the best dressed, but for some it’s the chance to make a political statement to the world. 

On Monday, Cate Blanchett arrived on the red carpet ahead of the premier for the Apprentice. Blanchett donned a Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture gown, designed by Haider Ackermann, which first appeared as a simple black dress.

But when Blanchett hit the carpet, she lifted her hem exposing the green lining and a pale pink back to the dress. Seen against the film festival’s red carpet, many fans believe this was a gesture showing solidarity with Palestine.

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The custom haute couture gown was floor length and adorned with an emerald-green silk lining and a subtle pink back to the dress. It was paired with a Louis Vuitton necklace made from repurposed diamonds and pearls. 

The Australian actress has been open about her stance on the ceasefire and was one of the original Hollywood celebrities who signed the Artists4Ceasefire’s open letter to Joe Biden. She is well known for her activism, so we wouldn’t put it against her for this red-carpet appearance to be a subtle gesture. 

Image courtesy of @nicolacoughlan via Instagram

Fashion can be a signifier of the socioeconomic and politic times and one of our greatest messaging tools. It has been harnessed by other celebrities such as Nicola Coughlan – star of the new Bridgerton series – who has been accessorising with a ceasefire pin this past month.

She took to Instagram last week with a post to say: “You might have seen me wear a red pin on the red-carpet and press events – I thought it would be a good time to share some information about Artists4Ceasefire and what we stand for.” 

These quiet political statements within fashion have the potential to make an impact, and Cannes is the perfect place to display subtle messages. Blanchett has not said whether this bares any resemblance to Palestine or not, but it’s all we’ve been talking about.

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