Wellness brand April launches new vitamins… for your VJJ

Gen Z’s favourite razor brand Estrid launched its sister brand April seven months ago and now the supplement brand is tackling vaginal health.

April’s vaginal health debut, the VJJ Hero, aptly titled the ‘down there capsule’ is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free probiotic.

Boasting properties that maintain vaginal flora balance and support urinary tract health, the VJJ Hero includes six types of friendly bacteria as well as botanicals such as D-mannose, cranberry and hibiscus.

Bottle of vitamins spilling over with model holding glass of water
April’s VJJ Hero vitamins

The brand enlisted doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists for its newest launch dropping on April’s website October 5.

According to April, over 40% of women are looking for a solution to improve their vaginal health. After testing the vitamins, fashion influencer @alwaysalysse says, “These little capsules are full of incredible ingredients that just work so well with my body.”

Bottle of vitamins
April’s VJJ Hero vitamins

Along with the VJJ Hero, as part of this new drop, April is also confronting the ups and downs that come with menstruation with All the Feels, a daily cycle supplement.

“With VJJ Hero and All the Feels, we hope to encourage more people to feel confident in talking about their vaginal health and related topics such as periods, hormones, itchiness, malodour and PMS,’’ says April’s director, Helena Aru.

Women holding vitamins in open hand
April’s VJJ Hero vitamins

All the Feels is available on April’s website for £13.95 with a subscription and £15.95 for a one-time buy. VJJ Hero is available on the website for £17.95 with a subscription and a £20.95 one-time buy.

Will you be adding these to your morning routine?

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