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Zara delves into the world of beauty

We can't believe it took this long

Just when you thought Zara could not get any better, our prayers have been answered and the retail chain has finally ventured into the world of beauty. The long awaited extensive beauty collection, created by makeup legend Diana Kendal, launched online and in store on April 12. With a huge range of makeup and tools, not to mention products that are cruelty free and sustainable, Zara has exceeded our expectations yet again, is there anything the retailer cannot do?

 What is in the collection? 

This first launch brings a wide selection of products to choose from; several types of lipsticks, bronzers, eyeshadow palettes, blushes and even tools to apply such products. One of the appeals of Zara is the affordable price point and this line is no exception to that, from £9.99 to £17.99 this range has something for everybody to enjoy. Alongside the makeup products are 39 shades of nail varnish all at the price of £5.99. 

Image courtesy of @zara via Instagram.

The face behind it all

The creator of this revolutionary launch is none other than the legendary makeup artist, Diane Kendal. Kendal, a graduate from London College of Fashion, has previously collaborated with Calvin Klein and worked with Marc Jacobs. So, it is no surprise this launch would be remarkable. Kendal describes the line as “makeup that invites you to explore a little further.”

Image courtesy of @zara via Instagram

Not just any beauty launch! 

Zara is alongside many other brands who are venturing into the beauty world, high profile brands such as Valentino are launching their own collections. Yet, Zara has found a way to get the advantage by introducing the concept of refillable makeup. Designed by creative director Fabien Baron, who has designed for Harper’s Bazaar, Barneys New York and Interview Magazine, each product can be refilled and reused. In addition to this, every product formula is clean and free of animal testing.  

 This launch is only the debut, it is expected more unique products will be released in time.  

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