Shift talks: Jordana Franks on Manchester’s makeup Mecca

Jordana Ticia Cosmetics discusses why Manchester is the ideal landscape for makeup innovation

Founder of TikTok trending Jordana Ticia Cosmetics speaks to Shift about why Manchester is the perfect breeding ground for makeup brands, and shares the story of how her hobby has turned into a viral business.

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’re definitely familiar with TikTok Shop. The social media platform’s e-commerce hub, with its unbeatable prices and exclusive coupon codes, has taken over the For You page.

The main event? Makeup. A handful of brands are fast-becoming TikTok’s trademark cosmetic companies, and guess what? They’re pretty much all from Manchester. Adding to the roster is MadeByMitchell, P Louise and Coco Cosmetics, to name a few. Sorry London, but a new creative hub is emerging and it’s about 200 miles north.

Jordana Ticia Cosmetics is another Manchester-based brand finding success on the app. Its infamous Duo products have been loved by influencers and makeup artists alike.

But what is it about the city that’s caused it to emerge as a makeup metropolis? We found out in today’s episode of Shift Talks. Spoiler alert: it’s partly thanks to that irresistible Northern charm.

The entrepreneur also explains why following an academic path isn’t the only option for success, and why persevering with her passion – while risky – was the key to hitting the ground running on her journey.

Check out Jordana’s beauty brand and add some Manchester-inspired sparkle to your makeup routine here.

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